There is no denying that nothing in the world beats an MRE when it comes to fast, lightweight, compact grub. You'll be happy to know that MREs aren't what they used to be, either. They've gotten much tastier than the originals, and the texture is more like the food you eat at home. You could live off MREs forever, and they'll probably last that long too. If you want a fast, easy way to stay nourished on the go or in the wild, MREs are the ticket, every time. Medals of America carries packs of MREs with everything you need to have a complete, balanced meal. You'll find the utensils you need and even condiments all tucked neatly away in a series of pouches filled with preserved foods. Whatever you can pack through, these meals can last through. You'll never have a more reliable meal in your life. The nutrition information is on every package, so you can plan your meals to meet your needs, keeping your energy up while the time you spend finding and preparing food is next to nothing. Medals of America stocks MRE Star products, which are made in America for everyone. Whether you're an EMT who doesn't have time to stop or a mom who loves to camp, these MREs are awesome. You can find food like bean stew, chicken and rice, sugar cookies, coffee, chili, trail mix and drink mix. With MRE Star meals, your camping grub has never been better.

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