You're not always in arm's reach of your toolbox or near your garage. That's why it's nice to have compact military amulti-tools on hand all the time. Medals of America stocks a range of military multi-tools, digging tools and more for the handyman who likes to be prepared. All designed to be as compact as possible, our military tools are all small enough to carry or keep in your glove compartment. When something breaks, you'll be glad to have all of your basic military tools in reach. The military multi-tools available at Medals of America include a standard folding multi-tool and even a multi-tool wrench with a folding knife, bottle opener, saw and file. You'll also find a SOG military tool with a seriously impressive amount of uses. It has wrenches, screwdrivers, a sharpener, a pry bar and even a cutting tool all on one keychain. It's so small, you'll be shocked at what it can do. Medals of America even carries standard trenching military tools, a handy foldable shovel that infantrymen know well. Its handy for everything from digging a cat hole to a bed in the ground. You know the importance of preparedness if you've served in the United States Armed Forces. You'll know that Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance . . . or something like that. Plan ahead for whatever the world throws at you with military tools from Medals of America. With just a few roomy cargo pockets, you can have enough military tools to get small jobs done.

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