Fulda Gap Cold War Challenge Coin

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  • Fulda Gap Cold War Coin
  • Premium 2 sided 3D minting
  • Handsome Military Challenge Coin Designed for US VETERANS
  • MOA Exclusive Design
  • Made of a Zinc metal alloy
  • Measures 45mm Diameter and 4mm in Thickness
Fulda Gap Cold War Coin. Named for the town of Fulda, the Fulda Gap became seen as strategically important during the Cold War of 1947–1991. The Fulda Gap scenario called for a fighting retreat to positions near the Rhine River. NATO would then use its superior knowledge of the terrain, its advanced weaponry and superior tactics to slow and thwart the Russian invaders. Military Challenge Coins are one of the easiest ways to honor your service or someone else’s service and achievements. There is a whole culture around earning and collecting these coins. They make great gifts and conversation starters. Designed and made for U.S. Veterans.
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