Fort Polk - Home of the Heroes Challenge Coin

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  • Minted in bronze and given antique finish, this coin is imbued with bold colorful enamel on both sides
  • Detailed 3D coin
  • Measures 1 3/4 inch (44mm) in diameter

The Joint Readiness Training Center is focused on improving unit readiness by providing highly realistic, stressful, joint and combined arms training across the full spectrum of conflict. The JRTC is one of the Army’s three “Dirt” Combat Training Centers resourced to train infantry brigade task forces and their subordinate elements in the Joint Contemporary Operational Environment.

With great emphasis on realism, the JRTC Operations Group provides rotational units with the opportunity to conduct joint operations which emphasize contingency force missions. The JRTC training scenario is based on each participating organization’s mission essential tasks list and many of exercises are mission rehearsals for actual operations the organization is scheduled to conduct. JRTC scenarios allow complete integration of Air Force and other military services as well as host-nation and civilian role players. The exercise scenarios replicate many of the unique situations and challenges a unit may face to include host national officials and citizens, insurgents and terrorists, news media coverage and non-governmental organizations.

The JRTC’s key objectives are to ensure a seamless, complex and realistic decisive action environment , capture and coach the best practices of combined arms maneuver, foster a leadership laboratory that encourages units to experiment, be masters of doctrine and a doctrinal guide post for rotational units and finally ensure a professional approach and appearance in all we do. Operations Group ensures a leadership laboratory, training units and leaders to synchronize combined arms operations, as part of a joint force in unified land operations.

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