Fleet Marine Force Ribbon

Item No:

Service: Navy

Instituted: 1984, obsolete October 1, 2006

Criteria: Active participation by professionally skilled Navy personnel with the Fleet Marine Force.

Devices: None

Product Details

Traditionally, the U.S. Marine Corps has relied upon the Navy to provide trained personnel in specific areas not covered by the USMC’s table of organization, e.g., Chaplains, Medical Personnel, etc.

The Navy Fleet Marine Force Ribbon was authorized by the Secretary of the Navy on September 1, 1984 to recognize the service of these Navy officers and enlisted personnel who serve with the Fleet Marine Force.

Qualification for the Navy Fleet Marine Force Ribbon signifies acquisition of specific professional skills, knowledge and military experience that result in qualifications above those normally required of Navy personnel serving with the Fleet Marine Force (FMF). A recipient may qualify only once for the Fleet Marine Force Ribbon, therefore, there are no additional award devices.

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