Dutch Lanyard

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  • Dutch Lanyard
  • Established in World War II
  • Comes from the Dutch Military
  • Given for Airborne Activity 
  • Ready to be worn
The Dutch Lanyard derives from the Military and is a highly appreciated and accepted award. Was first established in World War II for the completion and brave acts done in an airborne mission against Nazi enemies. Till this day the Dutch have honored over 41,000 troops from the United Kingdom, the United States, and Poland for who all constituted in the Allied Airborne Army. This lanyard when worn on uniform or formal wear is placed over the left shoulder typically with medals and other insignia around it. Whether a gift to a veteran who performed airborne activity in the US Military or used a lanyard to put keys or IDs on the Dutch Lanyard is a special part of military history and a great way to honor service.
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