Custom Rank Hats

The time spent in the military is not always easy and can be challenging but always worth it. Climbing the ranks, traveling, and overcoming obstacles with people that have become your family are irreplaceable memories and experiences you won’t find anywhere else. What you also can’t find anywhere else is a fully customizable hat that helps you express your memories and experiences. A lot of retailers boast customizable hats, but the only custom thing about it is changing the color! At Medals of America, we believe in full customization, down to the last detail. And you get to choose that detail. Our Custom Rank Hats allow you to choose the hat color, the text that goes on it, and the design that we embroider on it. After you have climbed the ranks of the Army, Marines, Navy, Air Force, and the Coast Guard, design something special that shows your hard work and can keep you cool and comfortable in the heat, like a perfectly crafted Custom Rank Hat. The hat we embroider your designs on meet our high standards of perfection and performance, so we know that they will meet your standards too. Create your perfect and unique hat today!

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