Custom Military Awards & Shadow Boxes

Proudly offering regulation ribbons & medals for all branches of the military

Perfect to complete your uniform or for memorabilia and remembrance. Take things further and build a custom shadow box with all your medals, ribbons, and more!

Military Ribbons

Custom Military Ribbons

Choose from 3 ribbon types: Mil-Thin™, Slide-On, and Miniature ribbons. No matter the style of ribbon rack, it is mounted to military regulations according to your branch’s regulations.

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Mounted Medals

Custom Military Medals

Choose from Full Size and Miniature medals in Regulation or Anodized finishes. No matter the style of the medal rack, it is mounted to military regulations according to your branch.

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Shadow Box

Custom Military Shadow Box

Build your shadow box exactly how you want; drag and drop your medals, ribbon rack, insignia, patches, challenge coins, and more! We will mount your shadow box just the way you design it.

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Veteran Inspected US Military Medals & Ribbons

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Get started building your custom military awards and memorabilia with Medals of America today. Whether you need medals and ribbons to complete your uniform or are looking for gift ideas for a loved one, look no further. Beyond medals and ribbons, we build custom shadow boxes to display awards, achievements, photos, dog tags, and much more. No matter your branch, we have everything you need to honor you or a loved one’s military history and service.

Real Reviews from Medals of America Customers

Excellent Military Medals Review


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"Medals were excellent, having used to build them myself, very good quality. These are going in a shadowbox of mine and look fantastic"

Tony H.


Very satisfied with my medal

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"Very satisfied with my medal rack, highly recommend ordering from these guys. Thnx"

Angel R.

Mini Medals Thin Ribbons

Mini-medal/thin ribbons

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"Ordered both, and as always, superior service at a great price. Perfect product! I will definitely order from them for every update!"

George D.

Custom military awards & shadow box FAQs

Often it is allowed for some branches to wear their right chest ribbon only award ribbon rack. Check your uniform guide to see when it is appropriate.
  • Army, Navy, USAF, USCG Enlisted normally require full-size regular medal sets. Marine Enlisted normally require Anodized/Gold Plated full-size medal sets. Officers can wear miniatures depending on the uniform. Civilians often purchase miniatures for their blazers or tuxedo jackets.
  • Every branch has its own regulations for uniforms. Learn more about how to wear your ribbons.
Depending on how you plan to wear/use your ribbons will determine which one is ideal for you. Learn the difference between Mil-Thin ™, Mini-Ribbons, and Slide On Ribbons here.
Your shadow box is a reflection of your service that you want to pass down to the generations. Any item that you would have worn on your uniform, insignia, badges, ribbons, cap badges, and medals are all appropriate. Adding rank, challenge coins, dog tags, pins, and pictures makes these more unique. For other ideas and samples, please check out our blog.
  • A DD-214 or separation papers from the National Archives will give you the necessary information. Learn more here.
  • However, veterans often already have a copy of this form or discharge papers.
  • You can also rely on your MOA Military Award Specialist to guide you through your needs and questions. As long as you have some knowledge about the service of your loved one, we can help!
Yes! If you need more than one custom medal rack, ribbon rack, or shadow box, you can place that order all at once.
We offer a variety of shipping options for all orders.
Our goal is satisfaction guaranteed, and we make returns easy.
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