Get Ready to Celebrate the 237th Marine Corps Birthday Ball!

Are you ready for the US Marine Corps Birthday Ball? Get your Marine medals in time for the Ball, whether you need new, updated, or repaired medals.  Medals of America supply Marines attending the Ball with Marine medals, badges, and insignia.  We will help ensure that each Marine has their military medals in time for the Birthday Ball. We mount our medals here in South Carolina in order of precedence and according to current military regulation and standards.  Make sure to order your medals early!

We have a priority number just for the Marine Ball. Give us a call at 1-800-609-1712 to speak with our Military Award Specialists to order your medals for the ball!


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Evening Dress "B" Blue Dress "A"

For male officers, it consists of an evening coat with stripe collar, white waistcoat, white shirt with pique placket, white gloves, and black dress shoes and socks. The strip on the midnight-blue trousers is a thin red stripe inside a gold embroidered stripe. Men wear a scarlet waistcoat (General Officers) or cummerbund (other officers). Female officers wear a mess jacket with scarlet lapels, a white dress shirt, a red cummerbund, and a long or short skirt. Miniature medals and badges are worn.

Consists of a long-sleeved midnight blue coat (enlisted members have red trim) with a standing collar and belt (white web belt and gold waist plate for enlisted; midnight blue for officers with a gold M-buckle), white barracks cover (a peaked cap), plain white shirt, sky blue trousers (midnight blue for general officers), white gloves, and black dress shoes and socks. Full-size medals are worn on the left chest, with ribbon-only awards worn on the right. Badges are not worn. Women may wear pumps and a skirt. For men, the dress coat is cut to be form fitting.

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The Marine Corps Birthday Ball celebrates and recognizes the rich tradition of the Marine Corps and the founding on November 10, 1775.  The USMC Ball is an annual celebration and tradition that started in 1925.   Each year our great servicewomen and men are recognized and honored at the annual Ball. The Birthday Ball is an opportunity for our Marines to proudly wear medals earned by their dedication and commitment to their country.  Medals of America has been supplying Marine Corps members with medals, badges, and insignia since 1976.

Please contact our helpful staff of military Veteran and we will help you get your military medals for the 242nd Marine Corps Birthday Ball!
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