Conflict Plaques

Only a few, like yourself, have come together and risked everything for freedom. Born from the fires of battle, you and you alone know the true cost of warfare. Your strength and dedication to service are beyond question. For this, Medals of America presents to you our Conflict Plaques collection. These stunning plaques are available in a variety of styles and sizes, each one created to represent the valor of battles past and present. You won’t find bland or generic plaque designs with us. Our uniquely crafted Conflict plaques tell the story of your war conflict with pride and respect. No matter when it occurred or what the military branch, from jungle soldiers in Vietnam to the cockpit jockeys of the Gulf War, rest assured you’ll find your perfect fit. Here at Medals of America, we get you because we are you. We’ve worn the uniform. We’ve lived the life. And we know, with 100% certainty, that what you’ve gone through…it matters. Our plaques are a way to show appreciation and honor for the sacrifices of real heroes. So for the brave, battle-tested few, we salute you. Let our Conflict Plaques show thanks. Let them tell your story the way it deserves to be told. And from your brothers and sisters-in-arms, here at Medals of America, know that you are, and forever will be, warriors. Browse the Conflict Plaques collection today.

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