Combat Infantry Badge (CIB) 2nd Award Full Size Mirror Finish

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  • Approved by The U.S. Institute of Heraldry
  • Worn on Army Service Uniforms (ASU)
  • 100% USA Made
  • 1” in height x 3” in width, regulation size 
  • Mirror Finish

Approved by the U.S. Institute of Heraldry in 1952, the CIB 2nd Award displays a rifle with the addition of a star in the laurel wreath to denote the 2nd award. This badge is awarded to Army Infantryman or Special Forces soldiers who fought in ground combat while serving in more than one war. This badge is 100% made in the USA, has a mirror finish, and measures 1 inch in height by 3 inches in width. The badge is also available in black and silver oxide finishes. For Army veterans and personnel who have served in 3 wars, we recommend our Combat Infantry Badge (CIB) 3rd Award available in silver oxide, mirror, and black finishes. We also carry Army Combat Medical Badge 1st Award Full Size badges in a variety of finishes for veterans and personnel who have an MOS in the medical field.

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