Coast Guard Special Operations Service Mini-Ribbon

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Instituted: 1987 Criteria: Participation in a Coast Guard special noncombat operation not recognized by another service award. Devices: Bronze, Silver Star The Special Operations Service Ribbon is a decoration of the United States Coast Guard which was first created in July 1987 by order of Commandant of the Coast Guard, Admiral Paul A. Yost Jr. The decoration is authorized for certain acts of non-combat meritorious service, performed in the service of the U.S. Coast Guard, for which no other service medal or ribbon is authorized. The four main areas of eligibility, for the presentation of the Special Operations Service Ribbon, are listed as follows: 1. Coast Guard operations of a special nature involving multiple agency involvement pertaining to national security or law enforcement. 2. Coast Guard operations of a special nature in support of special events drawing large media interest and public attention. 3. Coast Guard operations or involvement with foreign government in all areas of saving life and property at sea. 4. Coast Guard operations of assistance for friendly and/or developing nations. Multiple awards of the Special Operations Service Ribbon are denoted by service stars.
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