Coast Guard Rifle Marksman Ribbon

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Service: Coast Guard

Criteria: Attainment of the minimum qualifying score during prescribed shooting exercises.

Devices: Silver Letter “E”, Silver Letter “S”, Bronze, Silver Rifle, Gold Rifle Target

The Coast Guard Rifle Marksmanship Ribbon was established to extend the range of marksmanship awards below the Expert level. To create this “ribbon only” award, the ribbon of the Coast Guard Expert Rifleman Medal was retained and redesignated as the Coast Guard Rifle Marksmanship Ribbon with devices to denote the various levels.

To indicate the Marksman level, the ribbon is unadorned while the Sharpshooter level uses a silver letter “S”. For the Expert level, the medal is retained unadorned but a silver letter “E” is placed on the ribbon bar. Earlier regulations provided for a bronze letter “E” to denote to first qualification at the Expert level and the silver “E” to indicate the “final” achievement of Expert status but this was soon discontinued in favor of the silver “E”.

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