Coast Guard Arctic Service Medal Anodized


Services: Coast Guard

Instituted: July 7, 1960

Dates Awarded: 1946 to Present

Criteria: 30 calendars days of service on the Antarctic Continent

Devices: All Services: For all deployments after January 1, 1989, Bronze or Silver Star

It is awarded for 21 days consecutive service aboard a Coast Guard vessel in Polar waters north of the Arctic Circle from May 1 through October 31 or 21 days consecutive service north of latitude 60 degrees N from November 1 through April 30.

Personnel who serve at any of the following Coast Guard Stations for the required 21 days also qualify for the medal: Loran Station, Cape Atholl, Greenland; Loran Station, Cape Christian, Baffin Island, Canada; Loran Station, Port Clarence, Alaska; Radio Station, Barrow, Alaska; Loran Station, Bo, Norway; Loran Station, Jan Mayen Island, Norway

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