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Air Force Challenge Coins

Proudly display your service in our country's armed forces with USAF challenge coins from Medals of America. We offer a wide selection of challenge coins for military personnel, both retired and active duty alike. Demonstrate your commitment to duty, honor, and country with one of our high quality Air Force challenge coins. Whether you are looking for a USAF Core Values challenge coin or our USAF Proudly Served challenge coin, Medals of America provides military personnel with the largest selection, finest services and best quality available. Air Force challenge coins can be taken with you, and held in your pocket each day, or you can confidently display them along with your military patches and awards in one of our impressive military display cases. Our high quality USAF challenge coins are inspected by veterans and made to last a lifetime. In this collection of over 25 US Air Force Challenge Coins, you will find a myriad of different styles and looks to showcase your service in the armed forces. Most coins are the traditional, rounded coin, 38-44 millimeter diameter, while others offer a more custom look in the shape of a shield or hallowed center, Take pride in a Challenge Coin that has all the hallmark emblems of the USAF including the eagle with upward arching wings, the American flag and several of the most famous planes from America's historic fleets. These planes include the B-29 Bomber (the largest aircraft developed during World War II), The Hercules C-130 (first flown in 1956) and one of the most iconic fighters of all time, the F-4 Phantom. The hallmark US Air Force Veteran Challenge Coin features the traditional USAF logo on the front in blue with a white background, encircled by a blue border with white script and gold stars, beautifully laced with a golden, ridged frame. On the back of the coin is a bronze fighter in the center against a blue background, cropped by a white ring and golden lettering that reads, Integrity, Service, Excellence and encased with the same, golden frame. Also in this selection is the Air Force Dog Tag Bottle Opener Coin, available in silver or blue.
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