Boonie Hats

A baseball cap is well and good, but wearing one offers no protection to the back of your neck and shoulders when you are spending a day under the blistering stare of the sun. Medals of America's boonie hat collection combines the comfort and coverage of the style with simple colors and decals designed for the humble American hero. The Tiger Stripe Camo Boonie has the same pattern as the boonies used during the Vietnam conflict, making it an understated memorial to the conflict for veterans or an authentic replica for collectors and enthusiasts. The Vintage Olive Drab Boonie is a soft and comfortable cap in a classic color that goes well with other outdoor apparel. The lack of designs on the Vintage OD Boonie and Tiger Stripe Camo Boonie hats gives you a blank slate for attaching patches, pins, ribbons, and operator clips to personalize them to your liking. The Vietnam 3 Ribbon Veteran Hat combines the Tiger Stripe Camo with a small decal to honor your service in the grueling jungle conflict, and the OD Veteran Hat has the same decal in a simple olive drab. The simple design of the boonies makes them a versatile cover for anyone from veterans looking for their favorite type of hat to people who just like to be outdoors and need a hat that will stop their necks from getting burnt.

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