Veterans of Foreign Wars Day

Veterans of Foreign Wars Day is a day of honor every year on September 29th. Founded by James C. Putnam in 1899 and has been celebrated domestically and around the globe ever since. This date is celebrated in the 52 departments in America and 6,000 posts around the globe for the veterans that have serviced in foreign affairs.

Veterans of Foreign Wars is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to giving relief and support to our veterans. Foreign military communities started to form in the wake of the Spanish-American war creating this organization. Began with the organization titled American Veterans of Foreign Service and also having the organization titled Foreign Service Veterans. This lead to them combining in 1913 and claiming the title Veterans of Foreign Wars.

This non-profit takes on activities such as early lobbying efforts for the rights of veterans and many other conflicts. These tremendous efforts have led to a more unified front regarding these issues. The single goal of operation for the Veterans of Foreign Wars is to advocate and support veterans that qualify to be incorporated in their services.

Vietnam Veteran Never Forgotten Challenge Coin
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Now how do you know if you qualify to be a part of Veterans of Foreign Wars? The membership criteria to be enrolled in VFW is simple you must have honorable service in “foreign war or overseas operation recognized by a campaign medal. Veterans of World War II, services in Korea, services in Vietnam, veterans of Afghanistan, Iraq, and many more foreign service efforts qualify. This also applies to veteran’s family members like spouses and children who receive benefits as well.

Veterans of Foreign Wars have a lot of key issues they get involved with. Their goal is to lobbying and advocate for veterans who burden these issues. Some of the topics being providing Veteran Health Care for medical services dealing with price and quality. Memorial affair is a field that helps to make sure veterans know their rights for VA burials. Education, employment, and transition assistance to make sure veterans can make an easy transition after service.

Foreign Expeditionary Service Commemorative Medal
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September 29th, the official Veterans of Foreign Wars Day, is a day of celebration and honor. This is a day to be proud to be a veteran and you should show it. Wearing or displaying earned insignia like the Foreign Expeditionary Service Commemorative Medal is a great way to celebrate this military holiday. Insignia is always a great way to represent the service you have completed and should be displayed on days like this.

Veterans of Foreign Wars Day is a commemorative day that celebrates the men and women who sacrificed their country in foreign efforts. Also, a day to celebrate the relief and support this great foundation does for our veterans. Take some time today to honor those who have served overseas and thank them for all they have done.