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The Ultimate Military Gift Guide for Unique Military Gifts

Personalized and Unique Military Gifts

Are you looking for the perfect gift for a loved one who served in the military? There are many options out there, but it’s not always easy to filter through them on your way to finding that one unique item that you know they’re going to love. To help you do that, a comprehensive guide to unique military gifts can give you a great place to start. 

There is a wide range of military gift ideas for every price range, from small but precious gestures to grand, impressive gifts. No matter your needs, there is a perfect gift for the military member in your life.

Casual Military Gift Ideas

You don’t have to empty your bank account to get great personalized military gifts for your loved one. With these gift ideas, you’ll be able to present them with a keepsake that commemorates their service and serves as a reminder of your appreciation for them and all they’ve done for the country.


semper fi challenge coinChallenge coins serve as a literal and figurative token of appreciation for a military member’s service to their country. Choose from an array of coins depicting everything from the insignia of your loved one’s military branch to their unit. 

You can also showcase their specific tour of duty and various other patriotic gestures. 

You can choose from a variety of military challenge coins, which double as multi-tooled pocket knives. And if your loved one is an avid collector of these coins, you can also gift them coin stands or a wall display case.

Morale Patches

left unsupervised morale patchAnother great collector’s item for military members is morale patches. While challenge coins tend to honor a military member’s service or the branch they served, morale patches can offer a glimpse into the more humorous side of service members, with funny expressions and images. 

Morale patches are not all about bringing some fun into the life of someone in the military, though. Others can represent their personal beliefs, their dedication to their country, or their military organization. For the perfect way to display these military appreciation gifts, you can also get a hanging roll-up morale patch board.

Gear as Military Appreciation Gifts

If you’re looking for personalized military gifts with practical applications, you should consider getting your loved one some military gear. These items offer many styles and can provide the military member in your life with something they’ll get a great deal of use.


blue tritium watch ISO4001 as a unique military giftAny watch is a solid practical gift idea, but when it comes to unique military gifts, the military field watch adds another layer to that practicality. 

Initially designed for service members during World War I, these simple and straight-to-the-point timepieces offer your loved one something they’ll be able to use daily that can complement their sense of style. 

Military field watches come in a wide range of prices, which means you can get something great for your loved one on just about any budget. Brands range from Isobrite to Remington, ArmourLite to Smith & Wesson, and more. Undoubtedly, you can find the perfect present in one of these personalized military gifts.  


unique military gift camo woobie blanketThe military woobie may have a curiously humorous name. Still, it’s easily one of the most widely loved items among service members, making it one of the best military gift ideas you’re likely to find. 

Woobies are more formally known as military poncho liners and serve as life-saving blankets that are lightweight, waterproof, and highly effective at keeping you warm throughout the night. 

If the military member in your life is also a fan of the outdoors, then a military woobie is among the most practical military appreciation gifts they’re likely to receive. 

Choose from various styles, including tiger stripe camouflage, a map for Vietnam veterans, and even discharge papers for a tongue-in-cheek military gift. Your loved one will undoubtedly get a kick out of this gift and put it to good use.

Military Appreciation Gifts for the Home

Some of the best personalized military appreciation gifts are not ones that your loved one can wear but ones that they can display proudly in their home. 

Whether they have a particular room dedicated to displaying their military pride or they’ve just got a space on their living room wall that could use some military-inspired decoration, these items can make the perfect gift for your loved one:


we don't dial 911 tin signIf you want something that displays a bit of your loved one’s personality or represents their time in the military, you can get them a military sign to adorn their walls. 

The design options for these attractive decorations range from the insignia of their specific military branch to patriotic and inspirational quotes. You can also choose some humorous quotes that speak to their personalities.

Coin Cases

You can opt for a challenge coin case or another type of challenge coin display for a gift that can blend seamlessly into the rest of the home’s décor. 

unique military gift challenge coin caseYour military member who loves collecting challenge coins — or has just received some as a gift — won’t want to stash them away in some unseen drawer where they’ll do little more than collect dust. These unique military gifts give them a way to display their collection proudly.   

Coin display options range from a brass single-coin stand to desktop displays that hold as many as 120 coins. You can also opt for an attractive wall-mounted display case with a glass front and a walnut finish. 

And if your loved one has any room left on their display once installed, you will already have an excellent starting point for their next gift.

Flown Flag Case

flown flag caseProtecting the flag is what all military members set out to do when they enlist. Providing them with a flown flag case is one of the best ways to show your military loved one you care. 

These beautifully finished wooden display cases can hold a folded flag that carries significant meaning to your loved one, whether personal, familial, or patriotic. Cases can be mounted to a wall or free-standing.

Flown Flag Combo Case

army combo flag case for unique military giftsYou can opt for the flown flag combo case for a gift that allows the military member in your life to display a flown flag in addition to their other mementos, such as medals, ribbons, and certificates. 

This gift idea is a great way to condense all of the meaningful mementos of their time in the service into one attractive display case.

Choosing the Perfect Military Gift Idea

These unique military gift ideas can help you narrow your search for that perfect gift for the military member in your life. While it’s not always easy to select the right gift for someone special, opting for any gifts in this guide will give your loved one something meaningful and memorable. 

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