Sergeant Nicholas Irving

This highlight is for Sergeant Nicholas Irving. Born November 28, 1986, Sgt. Irving was born to a family of enlisted soldiers and, at age 17, joined the United States Army Rangers, becoming the first African American sniper of the 3rd Ranger Battalion with the 75th Ranger Regiment.

Deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan, Irving quickly made a name for himself with his high enemy body count, accruing 33 enemy kills in just four months as a machine gunner and sniper, using his SR-25 rifle nicknamed “Dirty Diana.” His record as one of the deadliest snipers earned him the nickname “The Reaper” among his fellow soldiers, which he would use as the title of his autobiography after retiring from the Army. Irving now works as a motivational speaker, runs his own training facility for sharpshooters, consults for the entertainment industry and is an author; he has penned two autobiographies and the Reaper series of novels published by Macmillan.