Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal

Service: Navy, Marine Corps Instituted: 1961/1967 Criteria: Meritorious service or achievement in a combat or noncombat situation based on sustained performance of a superlative nature Devices: Bronze Letter “V” (for valor), Gold, Silver Star Notes: Originally a ribbon only award: “Secretary of the Navy Commendation for Achievement Award with Ribbon” Marine Corps Achievement Medal – […]

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navy medal of honor

Navy Medal of Honor – Navy, USMC & USCG

Establishing Authority: The Navy Medal of Honor arose from a Public Resolution signed into law by President Lincoln on December 21, 1861 authorizing the preparation of “200 medals of honor” to promote the efficiency of the Navy. It was followed by a Joint Resolution of Congress on July 12, 1862 (as amended) which actually approved […]

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Vietnam Campaign Medal – RVNCM

Vietnam Campaign Medal Service: All Country: Republic of Vietnam Instituted: 1966 Criteria: 6 months service in the Republic of Vietnam between 1961 and 1973 or if wounded, captured or killed in action during the above period. Devices: Silver Date Bar Notes: Bar inscribed “1960” is the only authorized version. Background The RVN Campaign Medal was […]

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