Only Marines No Former Marines

Attention Marines! It is now official, “There’s no such thing as a former Marine.” Which, is really kind of cool when you think about it.

From Commandant, General James F. Amos (via The Seahorse): “A Marine is a Marine. I set the policy two weeks ago – there’s no such thing as a former Marine. You’re a Marine, just in a different uniform and you’re in a different phase of your life. But you’ll always be a Marine because you went to Parris Island, San Diego or the hills of Quantico.”

We at Medals of America strongly believe in honoring all of our Marines, both past and present. We have always held the utmost respect for these strong men and women, and are proud to offer our nation’s heroes a selection of Marine Corps medals and military badges to wear, displaying their duty and honor to our country. Likewise, we are excited to hear others refer to these soldiers simply as “Marines” without deeming it necessary to include the words “former” or “retired”. We agree with Commandant, General James F. Amos that once you are a Marine, you will always be a Marine. No matter what clothes you wear or what job you do, you will always be a part of that elite military brotherhood.