MOA Veteran Community Story Highlight: John B.

Seeing this (M1A1 Abrams) tank brought back many memories. I was platoon leader of four M42 dusters in Viet Nam 1967-68. Second field force. Our mission was security for fire bases and securing perimeters and running convoys on highway one  to Cu Chi,and Tay Ninh. and Ben Luc  Each duster had two 40 mm. guns and it was used also in many other wars.  To protect perimeters we put one on each corner of the fire bases. These dusters could travel at a speed of  45 mph. and could shoot 240 rounds.. We worked with several units including First Cav. 25th. infantry. Sebes engineers and many others,. The enemy didn’t like them as these dusters had such strong firepower. A military museum not far from us has one of these vehicles displayed with others in their field. I was proud and honored to take my family, not only to tell them about this vehicle but to show one to them and explain my job in Viet Nam. Also I was asked if i would go to my grand kids classroom and give a talk on my time and service. They were great kids and really paid attention to all i had to tell them. Before I left I would present each of them with a small American flag. I also wore my uniform  so they had an idea of what the Army guys looked like at that time period. They were very interested in each patch and what it represented.   Ssgt. John B.

Being able to not only share your story with us but the future generations speaks leaps and bounds. We are grateful to have you be apart of our community of veterans. Thank You so much for your service!