Air Force Combat Action Medal

Service: Air Force Instituted: 2007 (retroactive to 11 Sept. 2001) Criteria: Awarded to Airmen who have direct participated in active combat, either in the air or on the ground, as part of their official duties Devices: Gold and Silver Stars Air Force Combat Action Medal – Overview On January 2007, the SECAF approved establishment of […]

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Army Good Conduct Medal – AGCM

Army Good Conduct Medal Service: Army Instituted: 1941 Criteria: Exemplary conduct, efficiency and fidelity during three years of active enlisted service with the U.S. Army (1 year during wartime) Devices: Bronze, Silver, Gold Knotted clasp Army Good Conduct Medal – Overview The Army Good Conduct Medal was authorized on June 28, 1941 for exemplary conduct, […]

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Bronze Star Medal

Bronze Star Medal – BSM

The Bronze Star Medal Service: All Services Instituted: 1944 (retroactive to 7 Dec. 1941) Criteria: The Bronze Star Medal is awarded to individuals who, while serving in the United States Armed Forces in a combat theater, distinguish themselves by heroism, outstanding achievement or by meritorious service not involving aerial flight Devices: Bronze Letter “V” (for […]

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