ma-1 jacket huey shot

The Jet Age Legend : MA-1 Flight Jacket

Developed for a time of when space and jet age technology mixed with men of steel. It’s a favorite among us Vets for it’s warmth, comfort and style. It’s a favorite for the mainstream because it looks cool and because down deep, they know that their heroes wear this type of thing. Now, you may have been lucky enough to have a nomex one, but you don’t need to go down that path unless you are flying regularly. No, we are talking about that funky new material called nylon. (obviously used in parachutes for WWII). The MA-1 was designed by our tax dollars and the USAF to be an all weather, all season jacket. With a mix of polyester and nylon, they succeeded in creating the ultimate lightweight pilot’s jacket that could keep a pilot warm in the newly reached altitudes of the jet age. It was also comfortable in the tight confides of equipment riddled experimental aircraft where they needed such a sleek piece of kit to function instead of the heavy leather bombers of the previous war. Functionality has a way of making something youthful and lasting. A great piece then, can stand the test of time and be loved by those who have battled in it. This jacket is legendary and continues to be produced with care and robust quality it is so famed for. If you haven’t already, try one on and you’ll see what I mean.