Fox’s Enhanced Multi-Field Tool & Accessory Pouch

If you are looking for a map case, there are lighter ones out there. If you are looking for your next all purpose tool, clip holder, shot shell holder, and organizer, this one is a beast and is sure to protect whatever it is you have in there. If you attach it to a vest, the zippered main compartment is “drop adjustable”, which basically means there is a paracord string that adjusts it into a shelf so that you can use the map and pockets with more ease.  Although you can attach more items to it, the front really works for getting that morale patch on it. If you’re interested, check out Medals of to make the purchase.

Check out the enhanced Multi-Field Tool & Accessory Pouch.

Size: 10 1⁄2″ x 9 1⁄2″ x 4″