Creating A Memorial Day Garden Bench

How to Build a Garden Bench for Memorial Day

I’m always looking for a project that can reuse and rejuvenate items on the cheap. For this Memorial Day, based on our plant and brick garden post, we thought of a doing something with more impact: how to build a garden bench.


A Ruler

Gorilla® Super Glue Gel for Metal and Wood – $6.
4 to 6 Challenge Coins

A brass plate with whomever your are honoring – make sure it isn’t taller than your wood rails

(we used a 4 line BP1.5)

And a garden bench – ours was free. We found some for $50 to $150.

We have had our brick out in the sun and elements for 2 years now and the color of the enamel still looks great, a little dirty, but great. And our epoxy is holding strong.

It is important to get the proper glue for this project. In this case, instead of cement and metal, we are trying out the Gorilla® gel for wood and metal. We’ll report back later if there is any failing. A mixed epoxy might be better, but it is messier.

First, lean your bench so that the backing is horizontal to the floor. Use boxes or whatever you have to steady it for up to 24 hours for a total gluing cure.

We centered our brass plate first and then laid out our coins flanking the plate. Put them in any order that makes the most sense for you. Spacing is also up to you depending on the length of your bench. We wanted ours more centered which leaves room to add more plates or coins later on. Don’t go overboard with the glue as it might squeeze out from under the metal and look sloppy.

Shake up the glue bottle, then add glue to your plate and coins, making sure to press down and center your items with the ruler.

After the curing process, you should have a new centerpiece for your outside area to honor and remember.

Medals of America wants all Veterans and their families to be honored and to always remember the service and sacrifice that created this great nation and the piece that your family played in our everyday freedoms. Whether you make something on a budget, buy something as easy as a hat pin or can get the ultimate shadow box – don’t wait to honor yours or someone’s service today. The time is now. Act before it is too late.

Thanks and God bless,

Kirk – Creative Director MoA