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Challenge Coins: How has challenge coins become a part of military tradition

Challenge Coins are a part of the military tradition that will always hold strong. Ever since the creation of the US Military, tradition is crucial. This involves keeping strong core values while wearing the uniform with pride. Challenge Coins have become a big part of the military and symbols of brotherhood, sisterhood, and unity. Since WWII this tradition is still carried on with the stories they tell. There is a wide range of coins that have their own special meanings.

Challenge Coins have become a great way to tell stories and paint a picture of what it means to be in the military.  Coins are great conversations starters and tell the tales that veterans experienced during service. They can represent a lot of things like specific ranks, periods of combat like Vietnam, units, divisions, and all the branches. There are many different types of collectible coins and they make members feel like they are a part of something unique.

Army Core Values Challenge Coin is a great challenge coin available at Medals of America to represent the values of the US Army branch.

There are many different types of challenge coins to represent all avenues of the military. For example, the Army Core Values Challenge Coin is a coin that displays this branch with honor. This specific coin represents the core values held while serving in the Army. These well-crafted coins are a great way that people who have never worn a uniform to better understand the values held while serving. Coins like the one above are great for veterans who are big coin collectors.

Challenge Coins culture is all about storytelling. These rare coins keep memories alive to reflect on the events service men and women experienced throughout time. They also have inside lingo and symbols that veterans take pride in. The history of the military can be told through these coins and modern-day events as well. Coins do a lot more than just display the six branches of the United States Military.

USN Petty Officer 1st Class Challenge Coin displays the service of a petty officer in the Navy.

Displaying specific ranks and positions has become a huge part of Challenge Coins. For example, the USN Petty Officer 1st Class Challenge Coin is an honorable way to display the achievement of this rank position. Displaying this honor can be a great way for people who don’t know what this role is to learn about the ins and outs of the United States Navy. There are also some challenge coins that can be customized, like the Honorable Discharge Coin, to make rank collectible coins more personal.

Challenge Coins do more than just display ranks and branches in the US Military. They can display specific eras of the military from WWII to Afghanistan. Represent divisions of the military that do not get spoken of often. Also have coins that display specialized units within the military branches to represent their service. Coins of divisions typically show insignia and mottos that hold true in expressing the story of the unit.

Challenge coins displays are the perfect way to show your service. Hold all honorable coins from branches, units, ranks, or any type of military challenge coin.

There are many ways to display these challenge coins. Challenge Coin display cases are the easiest way to take pride in your service. Would make a great addition to your home to show visitors and family members how much your service means to you. Coin displays can show where some served, what divisions they were served in, or the variety of service done during their time in the military.

Military tradition is what makes the United States Armed Forces so special. The men and women who make the ultimate sacrifice hold values and lessons learned so tight to them after their time in duty. Challenge Coins are a part of that heritage because they tell the story of what it means to serve your country. From representing personal accomplishments, honoring those who we lost, or taking pride in service military challenge coins will always have a special place in the United States Military.