9 Holiday Gift Ideas for Veterans in Your Life

It can be difficult to find the right way to show the veteran in your life the thought and appreciation you know they deserve. The holidays are a time to celebrate the important people in our lives and give them a gift they will cherish. Here are nine great ideas for gifts that can help you get the right present for the veteran in your life. 

Patriotic gifts are one of the many ways to honor your military veteran during the holiday season.

  1. Handcrafted Gifts

It is easy to appreciate something that took work to create, whether made by yourself or another retailer. Custom-made wooden American flags look beautiful and make great home decorations on a wall or large shelf. 

Handcrafted military-themed tree ornaments are another option if you are artistically inclined and in the holiday spirit. While American flags are always popular ornaments, if you want to get more personal, you could make their military branch insignia. 

  1. Engraved Gifts

Average gift items can be transformed into personal acknowledgments of service with a simple engraved inscription. Engrave a watch with your veteran’s service branch insignia or a lighter with their company symbol or military rank engraved on it. Engraved whiskey glasses are another great idea for a practical present with a personal touch. 

  1. Drinkware

Coffee mugs or other beverage containers with military prints are useful items your veteran will use regularly. A military koozie comes in handy for every kind of beverage glass or bottle, and you can even find koozies that look like tactical vests. Military-themed bottle openers and other accessories also make great stocking stuffers and smaller gifts. 

  1. Custom Dog Tags

Custom dog tags are a way for your veteran to show off their military pride. Our selection of custom tags extends beyond the traditional styles of notched and unnotched tags. You can select from different military insignias and religious designs.

  1. Challenge Coins

If you want to give your veteran a personal memento they can keep with them, military challenge coins are an excellent choice. Get your veteran a challenge coin that represents their branch, conflict or unit. Military challenge coins, like dog tags, are another excellent way for your veteran to express that they have served. 

Challenge coins are also a way for fellow unit and conflict members to identify each other at military-themed events and establishments. You can order customized military challenge coins that have special symbols or personal military insignias.  

  1. Military Apparel

Military apparel is another way your veteran can express their pride in their service. Shirts, sweaters, hats and custom military apparel are all great options to give to your veteran as a gift. Additionally, military patches can be added to this custom apparel to make it even more special.

  1. Donations

Sometimes the best way to honor your veteran is by donating to a worthy cause in their name. Many veterans in the U.S. are in need, and by donating to charities who help these veterans, you are also showing love and respect to your veteran as well. You can Google local charities, or donate to national movements such as the Disabled American Veterans or the Wounded Warrior Project. Ask your veteran if there is a specific cause that is close to their heart. 

  1. Shadow Boxes

Shadow boxes are a unique way to show you are proud of your veteran’s service. This is a great gift if they need a place to display their military service medals. Shadow boxes can be ordered custom-made, and you can even build them to certain specifications. Your veteran’s military recognition deserve to be proudly displayed, and a shadow box can be the perfect gift that is both thoughtful and practical. 

  1. Experiences

Sometimes the best sort of gift is not something that can be packaged. An experience that can be shared with you and your veteran can be just as thoughtful and cherished as a physical gift. 

If your veteran likes the outdoors, plan a camping trip with new camping gear. Concert tickets to see their favorite artist or band are sure to make the top of their holiday list. Special moments will last a lifetime, and you’ll have the opportunity to express your respect and appreciation for your veteran. 


When it comes to getting your veteran the perfect holiday gift, pick something that they will love and cherish for years to come. A personalized item, a donation, a shadow box or a trip will make prized moments for your veteran this holiday season.