4 Military Retirement Gifts to Celebrate a Life of Service

Retiring from the Armed Forces marks a major change in the life of a veteran. They have given so much to this country and have made personal sacrifices along the way. Your appreciation for their service is something they will cherish in their retirement years. Show the veteran in your life how much their dedicated service means to you with a unique retirement gift.

  1. Ribbon Rack 

Throughout their military career, the veteran in your life has garnered recognition for their service. One way the military does this is by similarly awarding ribbons to how they award medals. A ribbon rack is an excellent retirement gift so your veteran can display their service achievements proudly.

We offer hand-crafted ribbon racks built customized to your veteran’s specific ribbons and attachments, and you can build your own customized rack using our online ribbon rack builder. Ribbons can be mounted in several different patterns on these racks. They come available in a staggered formation, mirror-mounted or with a ⅛” space between each ribbon. A ribbon rack is worn with several different clothing items, not just military uniforms. Ribbons are a great homage to the people in your life that have served.

There are three ribbon options available: Mil-Thin™ ribbons, slide-on ribbons and miniature ribbons. 

Mil-Thin™ ribbons are mounted in a flat pattern with pin clutch backings to keep them safely secured at all times. Magnetic backing is also available. 

If you’re seeking a more traditional look to your ribbon mount, consider slide-on ribbons. Each ribbon is slid over a mounting bar that keeps them situated and in place. Slide-on ribbons can be configured in mirrored and staggered patterns and also feature a magnetic backing option. 

Mini ribbons are perfect for showing off military pride on civilian clothes. They can be attached to hats, jackets and button-ups. With miniature ribbons, your veteran can display their service wherever they go. 

  1. Medal Rack

For any veteran in your life, you can’t go wrong with ordering them a set of mounted medals. They are a timeless piece of military history that can be worn, displayed, and admired for generations to come. Our online medal rack builder lets you easily build your medal rack from Good Achievement medals to your silver star attachments.