Army Bayonet Qualification Bar Mirror Finish Regulation Size

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  • Approved by The U.S. Institute of Heraldry
  • Worn on Army Service Uniform (ASU)
  • 100% USA Made
  • Nickel Finish
  • Regulation size

The Bayonet Qualification Bar is awarded to Army personnel who have demonstrated exemplary performance with U.S. Army bayonet weapons. This bar is suspended from the Expert, Sharpshooter and Marksmanship qualification badge or from the previously awarded qualification bar. This Bayonet Qualification Bar is regulation size with a nickel finish, inscribed with “BAYONET.” This bar is 100% made in the USA and also available in silver oxide finish. Looking to honor a U.S. Army Veteran? Qualification bars make a great addition to customizable shadow boxes offered by Medals of America! We also offer the Auto Rifle Qualification Bar, Rifle Qualification Bar, Grenade Qualification Bar, Machine Gun Qualification Bar, Pistol Qualification Bar, Carbine Qualification Bar, and Mortar Qualification Bar.

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