Coast Guard Insignia

A the first responders of the ocean, the United States Coast Guard plays a crucial role in protecting our nation and the people in it. Their members earn their ranks with acts of heroism, hard work and dedication to the ideals that make the Coast Guard great. Whether you've spent your career cracking down on ocean pollution or stopping maritime drug trafficking, you've earned your rank. Our collection of Coast Guard insignia reflects the pride Medals of America has for this important branch of the U.S. Military. From navigating the deck in rough seas to chopper rides in a storm, members of the USCG are an active bunch. With this in mind, we mounted our Coast Guard insignia on strong posts with tried-and-true backings. Whether you're on active duty or you've earned your retirement, we've done our best to ensure our Coast Guard insignia can keep up with your lifestyle. Find your rank among our USCG insignia today. You can be proud of the quality of craftsmanship and attention to detail that goes into every piece we ship. Medals of America recognizes the importance of accuracy and detail when it comes to rank insignia. That is why we employ veterans who understand your uniform and display needs to handle our orders. We adhere to Institute of Heraldry guidelines at every step to ensure the best quality and authenticity for our nation's bravest.

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