Army Staff Sergeant SSG E6 Cloth Rank for ASU Size Female

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  • Approved by The U.S. Institute of Heraldry
  • Official Issue and Approved for wear
  • Worn on the shoulder of Army Service Uniforms (ASU)
  • Goldenlite rayon-embroidered chevrons on blue background
  • Made in USA. 4” H by 2 ¾” W
This Army Staff Sergeant rank is the official issue that is ready to be worn on female enlisted uniforms. This clothed rank patch comes in a gold embroidered on blue background and is regulation size. Can be easily sewed onto the sleeves on your official US Army uniform to be securely displayed. Army Staff Sergeant is the 6th rank in the U.S. Army and personnel with this rank are responsible for commanding a squad of soldiers. The Army Staff Sergeant insignia displays gold chevrons pointing upwards on a blue background and are worn on the shoulders of the Army Service Uniform. These patches are made in the United States and sold as a pair (2). Army Staff Sergeant is one rank above Army Sergeant and personnel with Staff Sergeant rank are eligible for promotion to Sergeant First Class based on time in service and their ability to meet promotion criteria. The US Army Staff Sergeant E6 Female rank is made in the USA.
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