Army Service Uniform (Dress Blue) Overseas Service Stripe / Bars - Male Size Each

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Army male overseas bar gold/blue - individually priced.

  • approximately 1-1/2" width x 7/16" height
    Criteria:Army Overseas Service Bars are worn on an Army uniform to represent the cumulative amount of time spent overseas, meaning one bar could be earned for each 6 month deployment. A service member may be presented multiple Overseas Service Bars in cases where several years were spent in an overseas combat zone. Multiple Overseas Service Bars are worn simultaneously, extending vertically on the sleeve of the uniform.
    Army Service Uniform Overseas Service Bars are goldenlite rayon-embroidered bar, 3/16 inches wide 1 5/16 inches long, on a blue background that forms a 3/32-inch border around the bar. All personnel are authorized to wear overseas service bars.
    The Overseas Service Bar is worn centered on the outside bottom half of the right sleeve of the Army Service Uniform coat. The lower edge of the overseas service bar is placed 1/4 inch above the sleeve braid of the coat for officer personnel, and 4 inches above and parallel to the bottom of the sleeve for enlisted personnel. Each additional bar is spaced 1/16 inch above, and parallel to the first bar.
    Note:The number of stripes ordered come attached together as one large patch for simple application directly to the Army Service Uniform coat.
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