Army NCO Professional Development Mini-Ribbon

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Instituted: 1981 Criteria: Awarded for successful completion of designated NCO professional development courses. Devices: Bronze Numeral. The Non-Commissioned Officer Professional Development Ribbon was established by the Secretary of the Army on April 10, 1981 and is awarded to members of the U.S. Army, Army National Guard and Army Reserve who successfully complete designated NCO professional development courses. To indicate completion of specific levels of subsequent courses, a bronze numeral is affixed to the center of the ribbon. The basic ribbon itself represents the Primary Level, the numeral “2” indicates the Basic Level course, the numeral “3” denotes the Advanced Level course and the numeral “4” indicates the Senior Level (Sergeants Major Academy) course. At one time, the numeral “5” signified completion of the Sergeants Major Academy but this was later rescinded.
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