Army Military Intel Officer Insignia Pair Official Issue


The Military Intelligence Officer insignia for wear on the collars is a gold color metal dagger, pointed upwards, covered by a heraldic sun design with four straight and four wavy rays, and a heraldic rose with navy blue enamel petals atop it.

Sold as a pair.

Army Military Intelligence Branch Insignia: On a gold color metal dagger, point up, 1 1/4 inches overall in height, a gold color metal heraldic sun composed of four straight and four wavy alternating rays surmounted by a gold heraldic rose, the petals dark blue enamel.

The insignia was originally approved in 1962 for the Army Intelligence and Security Branch and redesignated to the Military Intelligence Branch on 1 July 1967. The sun, composed of four straight and four wavy alternating rays, is the symbol of Helios who, as God of the Sun, could see and hear everything. The four straight rays of the sun symbol also allude to the four points of the compass and the worldwide mission of the Military Intelligence Branch. The placement of the sun symbol beneath the rose (an ancient symbol of secrecy) refers to the operations and activities being conducted under circumstances forbidding disclosure. The partially concealed unsheathed dagger alludes to the aggressive and protective requirements and the element of physical danger inherent in the mission. The color gold signifies successful accomplishment and the dark
blue signifies vigilance and loyalty.

Symbolism of Regimental Insignia: Oriental blue and silver gray are the colors associated with the Military Intelligence Corps. The key, flash and sphinx symbolize the three basic categories of intelligence: human, signal, and tactical. The flaming torch between the crossed swords of the crest suggests the illumination as provided by Intelligence upon the field of battle. The motto “ALWAYS OUT FRONT” reflects the forward location in gathering intelligence information.

Birthday: 1 July 1962. To meet the Army’s increased requirements for national and tactical intelligence, an Intelligence and Security Branch was established in the Army effective 1 July 1962 by GO 38, 3 July 1962. On 1 July 1967, the branch was redesignated as Military Intelligence.

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