Army Inspector General Enlisted With US Collar Device

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  • Approved by The U.S. Institute of Heraldry
  • Worn on Army Service Uniform (ASU)
  • Regulation size
  • Gold finish
  • Made in the USA
This Army Inspector General insignia is an official issue collar device that is approved for uniform. This collar device comes in a gold finish and is regulation size. Comes with 2 pin clutch backing to make sure this device stays securely on your collar. The current Inspector General insignia was approved in 1890 by the Secretary of War. The insignia has not changed since then, and is still a crossed sword and fasces superimposed on a wreath. The wreath reads "Droit et avant", French for "Right and forward". The Army Inspector General Collar Device is two gold disks, one with the Inspector General insignia, the other disk with the "U.S." letters. The Army Inspector General collar device is made and handled 100 percent by Veterans in the USA.
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