Shorts are for more than casual Friday’s at work. You need good shorts that last, if not then what’s the point? The shorts available at Medals of America will get the job done with you and keep you comfortable. Never worry about ill-fitting shorts inhibiting you from doing your best work; whether it’s casual Fridays at the office or yard work on Saturday morning. We offer classic and iconic Tru-Spec shorts that will keep you comfortable all day with their high-quality materials and great fit. If you need some new gym shorts that celebrate your military service, we’ve got you covered there as well. Our athletic shorts are durable and perfect for cutting the grass or working out at the gym. The PT-style shorts we have will bring you back to Basic Training days in the best way possible. Alongside Tru-Spec military shorts and athletic shorts, we offer truly unique custom embroidered tactical cargo shorts. Embroider your khaki shorts with the branch logo to represent your service with pride and honor. All of our embroidery is done right here in South Carolina and quality checked by our veteran staff to make sure your order is perfect every time. Check out our military shorts and find your perfect pair today!

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