Military Boots


A great pair of military boots needs strong laces, the right amount of ventilation, support, a perfect fit, a regulation look, durable soles, and much more you never think of until you're on a ruck march with bleeding blisters. A soldier's feet are the foundation of his movement, all day, every day. Veteran-owned and staffed, Medals of America knows the importance of a good pair of military boots intimately, which is why we only offer great boots. Medals of America has options when it comes to military boots. Among them is the desert tan military boot, which has become the go-to throughout the GWOT. Our military boots feature a ripple sole for better traction and shock absorption. We also stock military jungle boots inspired by the Vietnam-era design. These are perfect for wet climates, featuring drainage eyelets to help get the water out of your military boots. Their chunky, deep-tread soles are designed with muddy terrain in mind. They squeeze out the mud, letting you maintain traction. Whether you're going on a hike of your own volition or have orders to trek up the side of a mountain, we've got you covered. Browse our selection of military boots today to find the right pair for the job. You can even select a pair as a gift for that active person in your life. Whether they're in the military or just like to trek through the wilderness, they will appreciate the durable feel of our military boots.

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