Miniature Anodized Medals

No matter in what branch of the U.S. military you serve or have served, you will find corresponding awards in the wide selection of high-quality anodized miniature medals here at Medals of America. From Distinguished Service medals to Commendations, these anodized miniature medals embody the recognition you've earned for the sacrifices you've made. Celebrate your achievements with these distinctive medallion and ribbon sets. Anodized to give our pieces a flashy finish, these impeccable miniature medals are designed to last. Each anodized miniature medal features a polished sheen that enhances their metallic tone, catching every drop of light in the room. Sized to be smaller than standard military medals, these anodized miniature versions keep your rack lighter, whether you're displaying them in a shadow box or wearing them. They possess the same detailed designs and ceremonious feel as their larger counterparts. All of the anodized miniature medals you find here follow the Institute of Heraldry guidelines to ensure the quality and integrity of our line. These awards are given with the deepest reverence in keeping with a long history of military tradition. The craftsmanship of our medals reflects that reverence, giving you pieces you can be proud to display or gift to a current or former service member for their collection. The veterans who work here are at Medals of America are dedicated to ensuring that only the anodized miniature medals are delivered to you.

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