Air Force Overseas Service Short Tour Mini-Ribbon

Air Force Overseas Service Short Tour Mini-Ribbon
Instituted: 1980 Criteria: Successful completion of an overseas tour designated as “short term” by appropriate authority. Devices: Bronze, Silver Oak Leaf Cluster, Bronze Letter “A The Air Force Overseas Ribbon (Short Tour) was created on October 12, 1980 by order of General Lew Allen, Air Force Chief of Staff and is awarded to Air Force personnel for less than two years of duty or as directed by Air Force policies. The Short Tour Ribbon is awarded for a permanent duty assignment of at least 181 consecutive days or, if stationed overseas, 300 days within an 18 month time span. Airmen generally serve such assignments unaccompanied by family members, though a short assignment need not be unaccompanied. Additional awards are denoted by bronze and silver oak leaf clusters. The “A” device is authorized on the Short Tour Ribbon to any service member who performs a tour of duty at an Arctic-based Air Force facility. Presently, Thule Air Force Base in Greenland is the only facility within the Arctic Circle boundary.
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