Sword Display Shield Cherry

    Wall Sword Shield Display with Medallion and Brass Plate from Medals of America. Veteran owned and operated for 35 years, you know you are getting quality products, to wear with pride and honor, and guaranteed for a lifetime.

    Product Description

    Sword Display Shield Cherry
    Handsome Cherry shield holds sword and scabbard firmly in place. Shield is mounted with your choice of enamel Service medallion. Brass plate can be engraved with up to three lines.

    You do not have to take your sword case apart to mount your sword and scabbard. You will notice 2 pieces of foam sandwiched between the 2 pieces of wood. One is thick and the other is much thinner. The 1st arrow shows that you must pierce through the thicker piece of foam. Do so right in the middle. The foam is not precut because of the many sword types used by this case. The 2nd arrow shows the scabbard slid in between the two pieces of foam.
    Use the interior wooden mounts as a guide for your sword and scabbard. The sword and scabbard should touch or come close to touching these mounts for the perfect angle. As swords differ, please adjust your sword and scabbard to the desired look.

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