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    Nuclear Deterrence Operations Service Ribbon

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    Nuclear Deterrence Operations Service Ribbon
    Instituted: 27 May 2014 (Retroactive 26 December 1991)

    Devices: Bronze, Silver Oak Leaf Cluster, "N" Device

    Criteria: The Nuclear Deterrence Operations Service Medal may be awarded to Active Duty, Reserve, and National Guard personnel for service in support of US Air Force nuclear deterrence operations from 26 December 1991 until a date to be determined. To be eligible, personnel had to have been assigned to the Nuclear Enterprise and performed duties in one of the following, including all Airmen assigned to nuclear missile and bomb wings, regardless of career field:

    Nuclear operations
    Nuclear weapons storage facilities
    Nuclear command, control, and communication (NC3)
    Security Transportation Maintenance Facility management/maintenance
    Nuclear certified aircraft operations
    Explosive ordnance disposal
    Installation Personnel Reliability Program management

    The required length of service to be eligible for the Nuclear Deterrence Operations Service Medal is 120 consecutive or 179 non-consecutive days attached, deployed, assigned, or mobilized to a unit supporting the nuclear deterrence mission. After completion of the medal's requirements is certified by the individuals squadron commander, the group commander may approve the award of the medal. Subsequent awards may only be earned by completing the same service and requirements after a permanent change of station from the last assignment when the medal was earned.

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