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    Special Operations We Love The Night Patch

    Special Operations We Love The Night Patch from Medals of America. Every military patch is guaranteed new, never surplus, and made from the highest-quality fabrics, with each being inspected by veterans.

    Product Description

    Special Operations We Love The Night Patch
    In most countries special forces (SF) is a generic term for highly-trained military units that conduct specialized operations such as reconnaissance, unconventional warfare, and counter-terrorism actions. In the United States, the term Special Operations Forces (SOF) is used instead of special forces to refer to the aforementioned units because Special Forces refers to a specific unit, the United States Army Special Forces or 'Green Berets'.

    Some special forces operations, such as counter-terrorism actions, may be carried out domestically under certain circumstances. Special forces units are typically composed of relatively small groups of highly-trained personnel equipped with specialist equipment and armament, operating under principles of self-sufficiency, stealth, speed, and close teamwork. Special forces are sometimes considered a force multiplier, as when they train indigenous forces to fight guerrilla warfare. (unofficial shoulder patch)

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