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    Kosovo Campaign Mini Medal
    Kosovo Campaign Medal

    Service: All Service

    Instituted: 2000

    Dates: 1999 to TBD

    Criteria: Active participation in, or direct support of, Kosovo operations.

    Devices: Bronze Star; Navy: Bronze Marine Corps device

    For participation in, or in direct support of Kosovo operations. The Kosovo Campaign Medal is worn after the Southwest Asia Service Medal and before the Afghanistan Campaign Medal. The Kosovo Campaign Medal was established by executive order on May 15, 2000. The medal is awarded to all members of the Armed Forces who participated in or provided direct support to Kosovo operations within established areas of eligibility (AOE) from March 24, 1999 to a date yet to be determined. The service member must have been a member of a unit participating in, or engaged in support of one or more of the following operations for 30 consecutive days or 60 nonconsecutive days.

    • Allied Force: 24 March - 10 June 1999
    • Task Force Hawk: 5 April - 24 June 1999
    • Joint Guardian: 11 June 1999- TBD       
    • Task Force Saber: 31 March - 8 July 1999
    • Allied Harbour: 4 April - 1 Sept 1999       
    • Task Force Falcon: 11 June - TBD
    • Sustain Hope/Shining Hope: 4 April - 10 July 1999   
    • Task Force Hunter: 1 April - 1 Nov 1999
    • Noble Anvil: 24 March - 20 July 1999   

    The Kosovo Campaign Medal was designed by the Institute of Heraldry. The medal is a circular bronze disk depicting rocky terrain, a fertile valley and sunrise behind a mountain pass in Kosovo. Above the scene, on two lines, are the words, “KOSOVO CAMPAIGN.” At the lower edge is a stylized wreath of grain reflecting the agricultural nature of the area. The reverse shows an outline of the province of Kosovo with the curved inscription, “IN DEFENSE OF HUMANITY” across the top. To date, there are two bronze service stars authorized for the Kosovo Campaign Medal as follows:
        (1) Kosovo Air Campaign - 24 March 1999 to 10 June 1999
        (2) Kosovo Defense Campaign - 11 June 1999 to a date TBD

    In addition, Naval personnel who were attached to Marine Corps units are entitled to wear a miniature bronze Marine device on the suspension ribbon and ribbon bar.

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