Air Forces Reserve Meritorious Service Mini Medal

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    Air Forces Reserve Meritorious Service Mini Medal
    Air Reserve Forces Meritorious Service Medal

    Service: Air Force
    Instituted: 1964
    Criteria: Exemplary behav­ior, efficiency and fidelity during
    three years of active enlisted service with the Air Force Reserve
    Devices: Bronze, Silver Oak Leaf cluster

    Authorized on April 1, 1964 as a ribbon-only award, the medal was created in 1973. Awarded on specific recommendation of the unit commander to enlisted members of the Air Reserve Forces for exemplary behavior, efficiency and fidelity for a period of four continuous years service prior to July 1, 1972 and for three years on/after July 1, 1972. Creditable service ends when the Reservist is called to active duty or is appointed a commissioned officer. The front of the medal has the American eagle perched atop a small circle containing a five-pointed star. A banner sits above the eagle and contains the words, “MERITORIOUS SERVICE.” On the outer edge of the medal are the words, “AIR RESERVE FORCES.” On the reverse is a cloud design with thunderbolts and wings with the word, “TO” inscribed below it with space to engrave the recipient’s name. Along the circular outer edge, the words, “EXEMPLARY BEHAVIOR” are in raised letters on the upper half of the ring and “EFFICIENCY-FIDELITY” appear on the lower half.
    The ribbon has a wide, light blue center with stripes of, reading outward from the center on each side, dark blue, yellow, dark blue, white and light blue selvedges. Additional awards are denoted by bronze and silver oak leaf clusters.

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