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    RVN National Order 4th Class Set

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    RVN National Order 4th Class Set

    Own a piece of history. Get this medal and official ribbon with real period FRENCH-MADE rosettes.
    Limited to the amount of real rosettes we have, get yours before they are totally gone.

    National Order of Vietnam Fourth Class

    Instituted: 15 Aug 1950

    The National Order of the Republic of Vietnam was established in the summer of 1950 when the State of Vietnam became a part of the French Union. The award was patterned after napoleon's Legion of Honor of 1812 and the ranch Colonial Order of the Dragon of Annam. The Dragon of Annam belonged to the independent monarch under French control.

    Purpose: The original 1950 decree issued in Cannes, France by the Emperor Bao Dai states:

    "The National Order is designed to reward persons living or dead who have distinguished themselves by grandiose works, by remarkable deeds the discharging of their duty or by their bravery and those who have honored and served the country by their lofty virtues or their outstanding knowledge. The National Order is also designed to reward the various organizations of the Army, the officially recognized groups, the administrative agencies (provinces, municipalities, towns, delegations, contains, villages, districts) actuated by a lofty spirit of sacrifice and bravery and which have carried out actions whose glamour glorifies the country. Moreover, the National Order may be awarded to foreigners for diplomatic reasons.

    The National Order may be awarded on a civil or military basis."

    Description: The cross of the National Order is five patterned rays in gold, having at its center a red disk on which there is engraved with gold letters the inscription: To-Quoc Tri-an (the Gratitude of the Fatherland). The edge of the centered disk has a Greek key design border of gold on an azure blue background. This Greek border connects the five arms of the star (rays), below the center disk is adorned with a coiled dragon's tail in green enamel. The suspension of the star consists of a dragon's head with a face of yellow gold with a green crest on either side. The ribbon is 34mm wide, yellow 6mm, red 22mm, yellow 6mm.

    Officer or Fourth Class - ribbon with rosette. Description: The same breast badge (cross) as the Third Class, but smaller, 43mm. The ribbon service bar has a rosette.

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