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    Republic of Vietnam Civil Actions Medal 2/C
    Civil Actions Medal (Republic of Vietnam)

    Country: Republic of Vietnam

    Instituted: 1964

    Criteria: For out­standing achieve­ments in the field of civil actions.

    Devices: Bronze Palm (none authorized for Vietnamese personnel)

    Notes: 1st Class for officers is shown; the 2nd Class ribbon has no center red stripes.

    The Civil Actions Medal was awarded to the Republic of Vietnam Armed Forces and foreign military personnel or units that perform­ed outstanding achievements in the field of civil actions (it could also be awarded posthumously).

    The medal is an eight-pointed gold star with the points on the diagonal being smooth and long and the points on the horizontal and vertical being a little shorter and with cut lines. In the center of the star is a brown disk depicting the figures of a soldier, a child and a farmer with a shovel. The disk is, in turn, surrounded by a white ribbon inscribed, “CIVIL ACTIONS” above and “MEDAL” below (both in Vietnamese characters) with many short lines in between the inscriptions. The reverse is plain.

    The Second Class Medal, which was awarded to NCO’s and enlisted men, is silver in color and has a ribbon that is predominately dark green with a red stripe, 5mm wide, near each edge. The First Class Medal was awarded to officers and fashioned in gold with a ribbon identical to the Second Class Medal except for the addition of two thin red stripes in the center.

    The Civil Actions award also appeared in a third configuration, that of a unit citation. In this form, the First Class ribbon was worn encased in a typical U.S. gold unit award frame. When conferred upon a unit, no medal was awarded. American military personnel offic­ers and men wore a bronze palm on the unit award ribbon.

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