French Croix de Guerre WWII Military Medal

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    French Croix de Guerre WWII Military Medal
    Croix De Guerre (France)

    Country: France

    Instituted: 1915

    Reinstituted: 1939

    Criteria: Individual feats of arms as rec­ognized by mention in dispatches.

    Devices: Bronze Palm similar to (55), Bronze, Silver, Gold Stars similar to (105) through (107) denote level of award and additional awards.

    Notes: Belgium awarded its own Croix de Guerre to selected U.S. personnel.

    Pronounced CROY DAY GARE.

    The French Croix de Guerre was instituted in 1915 and was awarded to soldiers and sailors of all ranks in the French and Allied forces for individual feats of arms men­tioned in despatches by the commanding officer of any unit from an Army down to a regiment. The medal is a bronze, straight-armed cross patte with crossed swords in the angles. At the center of the cross is the head of the figure of La Republique, the traditional figure of France, around which is the raised, circular inscription, “REPUBLIQUE FRANCAISE.” The reverse contains the dates, “1914-1918.” Emblems worn on the ribbon denote the level at which the medal was achieved. For an Army Despatch: a bronze palm or laurel branch (known as Croix de Guerre avec Palme); for an Army Corps Despatch: a gilt star; for a Divisional Despatch: a silver star; for a Bri­gade, Regimental or Unit Despatch: a bronze star. There are no restrictions on the number of devices which may be worn on the ribbon. The Croix de Guerre was reinstituted on September 26, 1939 at the outset of World War II. The new version was identical to the 1915 model with the exception of the date: 1939 on the reverse and a new ribbon 37 mm wide, predominantly green with three central 1.5 mm red stripes, 4 mm apart and 8 mm red edges.

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