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    Philippine Liberation WWII Military Medal
    Philippine Liberation Ribbon and Medal

    Service: Republic of the Philippines

    Instituted: 1945

    Criteria: Service in the liberation of the Philippine Islands between 17 October 1944 and 3 September 1945.

    Devices: Bronze Star

    Originally awarded as the Philippine Liberation Ribbon. It was established as a Full Size medal in July of 1945.

    Awarded by the Philippine Commonwealth (now The Philippine Republic) for service in the liberation of the Philippine Islands from October 17, 1944 to September 3, 1945. In order to qualify, one of the follow­ing provisions must be met:

    a.  Participation in the initial landing opera­tion on Leyte and adjoining islands from 17-20 October 1944.

    b.  Participation in any engagement against the enemy during the Philippine Liberation Campaign.

    c.  Service in the Philippine Islands or in ships in Philippine Waters for not less than 30 days during the period from October 17, 1944, to September 2, 1945.

    Individuals eligible under any two of the fore­going provisions are authorized to wear one bronze star on the ribbon bar.

    Personnel eligible under all three provisions are authorized to wear two bronze stars on the ribbon bar.

    The Philippine Liberation Ribbon is classified as a foreign service award. Although not authorized for wear on the U.S. military uniform, a medal was designed and struck by the Manila firm of El Oro for the Philippine Government. The medal is gold with a Philippine sword, point up, superimposed over a white native shield having three gold stars at the top and the word, “LIBERTY” below. Below are vertical stripes of blue, white and red enamel with the sword being in the center of the white stripe. At the sides of the medal and below the shield are gold arched wings. The reverse of the medal has the raised inscription, “FOR THE LIBERATION OF THE PHILIPPINES” set in four lines (all inscriptions are in English). The ribbon is red with a narrow blue stripe and a narrow white stripe in the center.

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