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    Philippine Defense WWII Military Medal
    Philippine Defense Ribbon and Medal

    Service: Republic of the Philippines

    Instituted: 1945

    Criteria: Service in defense of the Philippines between 8 December 1941 and 15 June 1942
    The awardee had to be a: 1) a member of the Bataan or Manila Bay forces or of a unit, ship, or airplane under enemy attack; or 2) assigned or stationed in Philippine waters for at least 30 calendar days during this period.

    Devices: Bronze Star

    A person who meets both conditions above is authorized to wear a bronze service star on the ribbon.

    The Philippine Defense Ribbon was instituted by the Philippine Commonwealth (now The Philippine Republic) in 1944 and authorized for wear on the U.S. uniform by the United States Government in 1945. It is awarded for service in the defense of the Philippine Islands from December 8, 1941 to June 15, 1942.

    To qualify, the recipient must: (a) have been assigned or stationed in Philippine territory or in Philippine waters for not less than 30 days during the above period and/or (b) have participated in any engagement against the enemy on Philippine territory, in Philippine waters or in the air over the Philippines or Philippine waters during the above period.

    Participation includes members of the defense garrison of the Bataan Peninsula, or of the fortified islands at the entrance to Manila Bay or members of and present with a unit actually under enemy fire or air attack, or crew members or passengers in an airplane which was under enemy aerial or ground fire. Individuals eligible under both (a) and (b) above are entitled to wear a bronze star on the ribbon bar.

    The Philippine Defense Ribbon is classified as a foreign service award. Although not authorized for wear on the U.S. military uniform, a medal was designed and struck for the Philippine Government by the Manila firm of El Oro and is a circular gold disc with an outer edge of ten scallops. The medal’s center depicts a female figure with a sword and shield representing the Philippines. Above the figure are three stars and surrounding it is a green enamel wreath. At the bottom right of the medal is a map of Corregidor and Bataan. The reverse of the medal has the raised inscription, “FOR THE DEFENSE OF THE PHILIPPINES” in English set in four lines. The ribbon is red with a white stripe near each edge and, repeating the starred motif of the medal, three white five-pointed stars in the form of a triangle base down in the center.

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